Be respectful. Disagreements are fine and they happen all the time. Personal attacks are not. Joking is fine - in fact, encouraged. If you jokes are meant with malice and if you're found outright personally attacking a fellow member, you will be booted from the guild -- swiftly. 

Don't steal from us. We have all put time, energy, and gold into funding and fully stocking our guild bank. We have zero tollerance for theives. The same goes for...

Don't lie to us. Obviously this is the internet. We're not saying you have to be completely honest about your whole life story and where you're actually from. You're allowed some annonimity if you want. The point of the matter is that we're all honest with each other where it counts - for the good of the guild.

Don't try to make us your pet project.  We know raiding requires hardwork and coordination and we're late to the MoP show. If you're willing to step down from a higher tier of raiding because you like us? Awesome! Don't do it out of pity or because you want to mold us to your ideal raiding guild. We were the way we were before you applied and we'll be the same way when the door hits you.

Don't post inappropriate links in-game via guild chat channels. By inappropriate, we mean porn. We don't want to know in guild chat what kind of kinky shit you watch. Many of us have children, and clicking something like this unknowingly can lead to some conversations we might not be ready to have with them. Also, its just plain tacky.

Don't let issues fester. We have an open door policy here and we pride ourselves on having a drama-free environment. That means if you have an issue with anyone here in Resurgent, feel free to talk to any one of our leaders. If you have a problem with any of the ways things are handled - you're free to suggest alternatives. From GM to Officer - we're here for you and want to make you comfortable and happy. We listen to our members and value their contributions. Everyone here has a voice. There's no need to be silent if something is bothering you. Don't feel like raiding that night? Say so! We'll try to find someone to replace you. Don't like the way some things are being handled? Talk to an officer. We might not like what's said but we'll respect you a whole hell of a lot more if you're honest with us. Plus, suggestions or complaints help us improve as a guild. Improving = winning.

Recruitment Process

Our way of inviting new members is fairly straightforward, but can be considered by some to be rather lengthy.

1.) An application is submitted - You've decided to apply! That's awesome!

2.) Guild Member Review - It doesn't sound as scary as you might think it would be. Your application, when submitted, automatically goes into a section that all of our members comment on. This process is only to see if, based on the information that you've provided, you would be a great fit with us. It might take a couple of days, but you will hear from us!

3.) Approval or Denial

  • Approval - If you're approved you move onto the next step! 
  • Denial - If you're denied, its not a horrible thing! All it generally means is that at the moment you applied - we currently don't need your class for what we're recruiting for. We keep all of our applications to review at a later time - so it's never the end!

4.) Initiate Status - Hurray! You're an initiate! You'll stay an initiate until your probationary period is up - which ranges from 2 weeks to 1 month. Why the difference in initiate status times? Well, if we've had a chance to raid with you within two weeks and feel you're a great addition - then you'll be bumped up to member. All initiates will know about their membership status within one (1) month of being invited.

  • If you're not selected for member status, it can mean a multitude of things and it varies. Examples can be - Your raid performance and attendance are poor; Your attitude/personality are not a good fit with the rest of the members; You break anyone of the rules that we have set. Again, they vary. Before parting ways, an explanation will be given. 

5.)  Member Status - You've made it! Congratulations and welcome to Resurgent. You're a fully fledged member now! Your bank permissions are higher. You're a core member of our raiding team and we count on you to be your best!