Resurgent (25) is an extremely close knit, mature (18+), and friendly guild - formed by a group of longtime friends that have been playing together since 2005. 

We're not just a social guild and we're not just a raiding guild. We like to think that both can be done in a casual environment. You won't find traditional 'hardcore raiding' here in Resurgent. Our lives aren't built for that - jobs, families, and children are our priorities. We play WoW to have fun, to relax, and to enjoy the friendships that are made while playing.

We're always on our mumble server - so you won't find a lot of guild chat. We prefer to talk to each other. Not only does it feel more personal, but there's less room for misinterpretation, which in turn limits the normal 'drama' you might find.

We have a pretty small list of rules - but they're mainly considered common sense. Also on our rule page you will find out how our recruitment is handled.

If you're interested in joining us after reading all of this information, feel free to apply.